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Who We Are
Italian company Giusto Manetti Battiloro is a world leader in the production of edible gold and silver. The Manetti family from Florence have been producing gold leaf since 1600 and now, for the first time, their beautiful products are available here thanks to a collaboration between New Zealand company Roman Holiday and Italian art restorer Carolina Izzo. For further information please contact us using the details at the bottom of this page.
The Use of Edible Gold and Silver
The use of edible gold and silver is no longer only the domain of chefs and caterers but is accessible to the home cook as well. Manetti's products, which are available in powder, crumb, flake and leaf form, come in easy to use shakers and are ideal for use on cakes, chocolates and savoury dishes as well as in beverages such as champagne, cocktails, coffee and hot chocolate. See our Inspiration page for ideas.
Giusto Manetti Battiloro The Company
Manetti combine traditional methods with artistic innovation and cutting edge technology to produce gold and silver leaf of the highest quality. To this day part of the production process is completed by hand at their purpose built facility outside Florence and all their gold and silver leaf is checked individually sheet by sheet.
World First - The Gold Chef Range
 An example of Manetti's constant innovation is a revolutionary new range, Gold Chef, a line of flavoured 23kt gold. It takes edible gold from decoration to ingredient adding flavour and fragrance - a world first. The shine and naturalness of gold is combined with organically certified flavourings made with natural raw ingredients. Gold Chef is currently available in two flavours – White Truffle and Tropical Lime. Italian Chef Marco Stabile, owner of restaurant Ora d’Aria near Florence, is the Ambassador for the Gold Chef range. His ability to bring innovation, imagination and tradition to his dishes made him an obvious choice. This ability was recognized in 2011 when his restaurant was awarded its first Michelin Star.




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